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RV Solar FAQ

Switch Energy / RV Solar FAQ


1. How many panels do I need?

It Depends. If you are a weekend camper, then one 85 watt or one 130 watt panel should

be sufficient. If you have an inverter or are typically gone for longer periods at a time then

a multiple panel system would be the answer. Our catalogue has a “Size your System” guide

that can aid in your decision.


2. Can I run my air conditioner from solar?

Not typically. But with that said, we have designed a few very large systems that can, however

they are quite expensive and do require a lot of roof space and battery storage area.


3. Will my panels work if they are in the shade?

No, they will not. PV panels require direct unshaded sun.


4. What is an inverter?

An inverter is an electronic device that converts DC electricity, which is stored in a battery,

into AC electricty which is used to run typical household appliances such as microwave

ovens, TV’s, computers, etc.


5. Do I need an inverter?

No, however all of your electrical devices (lights, pumps, etc.) must be 12 volt.


6. What size of an inverter would I need?

If the use is primarily for TV watching, using a computer, or charging your cell phone, then a

300 watt should be fine otherwise we suggest a minimum size of 1500 watt.